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Going on holiday? Make sure you don’t forget to pack some Travel Insurance protection. There’s plenty that can go wrong on holiday, from cancelled flights and lost luggage to an accident curtailing your plans and forcing you to pay foreign medical bills. Thankfully, having Travel Insurance in place can cover you for all this and more – and we’re here to help.

Talk to us about your travel plans and we’ll track down the most suitable insurance for you, tailoring the cover to suit your needs. Standard cover options can include cancellation, curtailment, lost baggage, stolen baggage and medical expenses, with specific cover for ski slope closures, golf equipment and more available depending on your plans.

We can arrange cover for a single trip or annual cover if you have a few trips abroad planned, for individuals, families or other groups.

Whatever you’ve got planned, why not see if we can arrange a Travel Insurance policy that gives you the protection you need? To find out more or to get a quote, simply get in touch.

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